Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Two firsts- Update


Here is the truth about what actually happened that day. Ok I think I should tune this down a bit because it was really silly. For those of you who were expecting something scandalous I am sorry to disappoint you...on second thoughts...what the hell... I am not sorry. They have a ridiculous rule in the gym wherein you have to wear one pair of footwear when you come to the gym and then come and change into your sneakers. The reason they give me is that as people do floor exercises(they have mats don't they!!) and the bacteria that my shoes carry when I come from outside affects the patrons of the gym. I wanted to laugh at their faces and tell them that I could smear my shoes with E. coli O157:H7 or might even bring in a strain of Hanta or Ebola and you idiots would never know.

Another aspect to this was that I could wear my sneakers all day outside and just before coming to the gym what if I took them off and slipped into my sandals. They would never know what bacteria, virus or protozoa hit them then would they? But they refused to budge and sent me back packing. When I told my cousin this, he was not surprised and said this is a rule in a number of gyms in Bombay and I was like what sh*t!!


Two firsts that have happened to me during my stay in Bombay.

1. I missed work for the first time in my life because of riots. Yes that is riots alright... Nobody till today knows the exact reason why those riots started however of all the reasons that have been proposed the most interesting one is that a girl from the a particular community in Ghansoli was teased during Holi which lead to a crazy bloodbath which left almost 30 people injured and I am not sure if there were any fatal incidents.

2. I got thrown out of the gym yesterday. I had joined the gym last week and got thrown out yesterday. I am not going to divulge the reason, atleast not yet. Lets see if you can come up with why I got thrown out of the gym. Special mention for the best answer(sorry but that is the best I can give!!)