Sunday, January 14, 2007

Wrong turn...

Its a funny thing about wrong turns or rather unexpected turns taken on a whim which defy all reasons except that there is just a strange inclination to take one path against another. It has no rhyme or reason and holds itself to no particular logical explanation and yet just leads you down a path never taken before and the funniest bit is that it so often leads to such unexpected pleasures that it leaves you in an awe that what if I had not made that turn.

He took one such turn today and reached the beginning of a huge sports ground. He walked through it urged by a strange curiosity and on the other side found some people sitting alongside a slope. As he walked closer he smelt it. Was it what he thought it was? He walked over to see a river meandering its way through. He continued walking along the river bank and discovered a bike path. A bike path surrounded with lush vegetation and he continued walking to come to a clearing which would have made the perfect spot for a romantic dinner. As he wistfully looked at the clearing and the water, wondering who he would like to share this latest discovery of his with, he realized maybe this was just a discovery he would like to keep for himself. Like a patented discovery, he sat there and marveled in the serenity of the surroundings and just felt...lucky!!!