Friday, June 15, 2007

Why? How? Damn!

She walks in from the reception towards the waiting room. There is a man seated there. They make eye contact and acknowledge each other's presence with a nod of the head. She sits and looks around. There are leaflets all over the waiting room- "Avoid domestic violence", "Use condoms", "Get yourself tested for STI's today". She sits and wonders how she got here. Happily married at 27 to who she thought was the right guy, two kids and 8 years later, going through a divorce. She snaps out of her reverie to look at the Mx magazine with the subject being men on men and she consoles herself by looking at some gorgeous gay men. She looks at some pictures and stares up at the ceiling. How did this happen? How did she get here? One night of casual sex (as great as it was) and here she sat wondering what would happen next. She was scared- what with the legal battles looming up for the house and the kids, this was the last thing she wanted to worry about. Funny how life ran away from 21 and here she was at 35 with not much to show for all these years. A pap test a few minutes away and if her husband found out about her visit to the clinic, god knows what legal spin he will put on that. She sits there crossing her legs nervously and pulls her jackets closer as the questions and fears in her head cause a sudden chill within her.