Tuesday, December 18, 2007


He walks down the road. There are about 6-7 of them walking in his direction. He sees them walk with a swagger that is characteristic of their age these days. They harass another couple in front of him and startle them. He reaches them with an air of nonchalance and one of them makes a gesture to startle him. He looks at him as if he was observing an animal at the zoo- with a curiosity and steady gaze. He continues walking when they taunt him saying-"what you looking at?" He does not deem to respond to the taunts of a bunch of 15-17 year olds however he is also mindful of the fact that he is heavily outnumbered. So he continues walking.

One of the boys follows him with his football. He keeps walking with a quickening of his pulse, he wants to turn around and take the punk out but he knows that if he went down, with 6-7 of them it would be ugly. So it made sense to avoid this and suddenly he sees the foot ball fly by a few inches from him. It falls down at his feet. He stops and looks at the ball and then looks up to face the boy. In a different life, he would have loved to get into a real fight but this was not going to go that way. The boy picks the ball up, he gives the boy a look-over and turns around and walks. The boy follows him for a while before turning around and joins his group.

He feels a despairing fatigue come over him. There is a helpless feeling and yet it also feels so good to have that violent feeling. Now if only he could vent it!


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