Sunday, April 26, 2009

Change room

The pair of them walk into the men's change room. The father looks about 33-35 years old and the daughter looks about six. They step into the change room dripping after their swim. The father helps his daughter out of her wet suits and wraps a towel around her. He then takes out another towel and strips off and starts wiping himself clean. He stands there wiping himself in front of his daughter who looks around nonchalantly. She is completely oblivious to her father standing nude in front of her. Another man walks in- he looks to be in his late-twenties. She allows her gaze to follow the new-comer who walks upto a bench, places his bag and strips down. She looks at his naked back with a smile- she continues to stare at his crack and lets out a little giggle only in time to look around to see if anyone noticed it.