Sunday, March 16, 2008

What a day!

The elderly gentleman is about 70 years old. He is dressed in a white T-shirt and white shorts with a white hat. A pair of glasses complete the picture for Mr. A. He lumbers around on the tennis court as he plays Mixed doubles with his daughter. The game over they walk out having been trounced 6-0 by the opposite side. He is not expecting too much and is out to have an outing on a beautiful sunny day. He looks onto the courts and sighs looking at some of the younger players hitting winners and coming up with some brilliant volleys. He has the next game with the latest youngster on the team. They introduce themselves to each other- their backgrounds are vastly diverse as they head onto the court.

Their opponents are a couple of 20 year-olds. The game starts and its a game of one set. In no time, Mr. A and the newbie find themselves down 4-0. Mr. A thinks its going to be like just another game of all the games he has been a part of. He moves slowly across the court and is now unable to cover his side of the court. The fifth game starts and the newbie serves at deuce and the deuce goes on to 9-8 before the he closes it out with an ace. They exchange a pleasantry and suddenly there is a different dynamic on the court. They win the next two games and suddenly they find themselves at 4-4. They look at each other with incredulity which defines the situation. Suddenly its like Mr. A feeds off the newbie's energy and keeps the ball in play. The newbie covers the courts from length-to-length protecting Mr. A's domain and eventually they are up 5-4 and looking to close the set out.

Their opponents are stunned by the turn the game takes and are now struggling to stay alive. The opponent commits a double-fault and suddenly its over. They win 6 games in a row and there is a child-like joy in the two. They shake hands and suddenly Mr. A has a smile that stretches a mile. The newbie walks out amazed at what happens when you refuse to give up.