Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Lage Raho...(Carry on...!!!)

Aao bacho tumhe dikaaye jhaanki Hindustan ki
Is mitti se tilak karo yeh dharti hain balidaan ki
Vande Matarammmm...vande mataram

With an added stanza on the Mahatama to this song, the credits began to roll. Lage raho Munnabhai is not a ground-breaking movie nor is there any novelty in the philosophy that it advocates but there is a freshness in the way the movie-makers have gone about doing this. With shortening attention spans of most people today, the best way to sell a weighty idea such as non-violence and non-cooperation was Lage raho. Mr. Hirani has got it spot on with the dialogues inspite of the anachronistic Gandhi and the more-or-less-same Sanju baba. Vidya Balan is like the sea breeze(in a nice way I mean), Mr. Boman Irani great fun to watch and personally circuit a.k.a Mr. Arshad Warsi deserves a lot more mention than is actually made.

All in all a fun movie to watch and I believe it gives just a little something for everyone to take back home from it. I did.

Breaking News: Abhishek Bachan says that he does not believe in "guest" appearances and every role plays its part in the movie even if it just says "boo". Ok I made up that boo bit but I agree Mr. Bachan Jr, completely agree.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Latest reads...

Have been reading with a vengeance lately compared to my past pattern and a glimpse of the stuff I have finished-

Midnight All Day- Hanif Kureishi

A collection of short stories mostly touching upon issues of infidelity and distressed marriages. Nice in its portrayals but the endings were abrupt and left a lot to be desired.

Neil Simon Comedies

His work of broadway comedies is timesless stuff. Read some of his other plays like "The last of the Red- Hot Lovers" and "Plaza Suite". Inspite of his outrightly funny lines, Neil Simon has a way of sustaining the undertones of the required mood on all occasions.

Family Matters- Rohinton Mistry

After reading his book, "A Fine Balance" this was a book I was looking forward to read. Its simplistic in its portrayal of a Parsi family and the struggles of the elderly Nariman Vakeel and his struggle with Parkisons disease. The best part about the book was his younger grandson Jehangir and the places where Jehangir became the narrator. It is interesting to see how hate can be cultivated and its embers stoked for years to keep its fire burning in the end destroying themselves.

Now reading, President Nixon: Alone in the White House - Richard Reeves

I am half-way through the 600 page book and am looking forward to get done with it by the end of the week. Two reviews of the book available on the link provided, which more or less describes what its all about.

Next on hand, Love in the Time of Cholera and need to pick up One Hundred Years of Solitude where I left off.