Sunday, June 12, 2005

Production done!!

Atlast the June production of evam Indrajit is finished. Its been interesting to do evam Indrajit after the kind of plays we have done before with Neil Simon comedies of The Odd Couple and Barefoot in the Park,Python Hysteria, Art, Love letters and Death. There have been some important discoveries about how we are perceived today by a Chennai audience and the expectations with which they come to watch us. These are also times of change at evam with some people from the old guard leaving and new faces being inducted. For me the last 10 months at evam have been a most interesting experience not just in the kind of work I have done but also with the people I have met and the things I have learnt.

Some things that I have learnt at evam-

1. There is no such problem which does not have a solution.If there is a problem we will find a solution and its been a revelation to see some of the things people come up with however small and simple.

2. No job is small enough to be looked down upon.If something needs to be done it needs to be done.No two ways about it.

3. Its ok to let your hair down once in a while and party hard into the night even if you wake up on a grass lawn with a throbbing headache and wonder where on heaven's name are you.

4. Never take oneself too seriously(it is not worth it).

5. Always take your job seriously;sometimes its difficult to distinguish between the two but it can be done.

6. At evam, we are all entertainers, the audience has given us 2 hours of theirs and its our duty to tell them a good story.

In the end we are story tellers and that is what we do(that sounds like a perfect case of over-simplification)


Blogger RamantheB said...

nice!! very true that no job is small enough to be looked down upon .. A quick metaphor.. in a band you have these shakers..( you get what i am saying ??).. the small things that make a nice percussive noise when u move them around. People dont realise how important that is. !!

Very nice post.!!

9:31 PM  
Blogger RamantheB said...

I ll rephrase percussive noise to percussive sound in my earlier comment.

Sorry, its been a long day!!

9:32 PM  

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