Sunday, June 05, 2005

First set of shows-evam Indrajit

Well the first showing of evam Indrajit just finished last weekend and I am back at my desk, pecking away on my keyboard trying to capture the happenings of the last two days. We started with a complete tech rehearsal which included a complete run-through of the play along with the sound and lights on Friday. Specific sequences were repeated to get timings right. There was screaming, sweat and fatigue by the end of Friday. Next morning, the tech team sat in on a meeting to review all the cues while the front end team worked tirelessly in their marketing efforts.After another tech on Saturday afternoon, the actors and tech team took a break while the crew continued in its efforts to ensure that the audience will have nothing to complain about. The show started-I don't intend to write a review of the performance because I believe it will be done best by someone not attached to the production. However, one thing that took us by surprise was the laughs the play elicited from the audience. During our readings of the play with Bhagyam, we tried to delve deep into the play, its seriousness, the undertone of the play but we were taken aback by the laughs that the play generated.

I believe it was a lesson learnt-the distance between a script and a performance is what we make out of it.


Blogger Kanishkaa said...

Hi Saraansh.Thanks so much for stopping by and linking my review to ur blog.
The laughter took me by surprise as well.The movements,gestures and expressions of all the actors made the difference.Even I couldn't help myself:-).The funniest moment was in the park scene(act 1),Shoosha staring at Manasi and Indrajit with a mischievous grin.
Asim as Indrajit was just brilliant.
I heard u guys had sell out shows in both evenings.Good for you!I'm pleasantly surprised at the response.It's an encouraging sign that there are some who've been able to read between the lines and understand the play.And the same people will beg to differ with my views.I still feel that the play is more relevant to the 60s and 70s generation.
anyway best of luck for the other shows.

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