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I was talking to a good friend of mine the other day. Some background info on her- she is a married woman and a mother. She got married to the man she loved and bore his children. This is probably why, what she said stunned me. She said that she was sick of the way she was living and that married life was so frustrating and to top it all, that "All men are Bastards". I can assure you that her husband is not a woman-beater or has ever been disloyal to her. As I goggled with surprise to hear what she said, I said,"Ahem!ahem!I believe you are talking to one(not a bastard, a man)" and she continued to ignore that aspect and carried on with her diatribe against all men.

As I sat and thought about the conversation we had, I realized a very strange coincidence. It was so simple a self-discovery that I chuckled and asked myself, why hadn't I thought of this before. It was that most women I have known, have called either all men or some particular man a bastard at some stage in their life. It was a strange statistic that cut across women of all cross-sections, caste, creed, economic strata yada yada yada. Of all the words in the English language that can be used an expletive, why do women use the word Bastard so often. Why question an individual's parentage just because your husband has not exactly been as loyal as you would want him to be or because somebody in the state transport bus just felt you up. It is akin to say that a person born out of a legal wedlock would not do the same thing. Actually by doing this, the blame is transferred from the person involved to his mother. It reminds me of a phrase in Hindi that goes like-
"Aurat hi aurat ki sabse badi dushman hoti hain"
which when translated means-
"A woman is a woman's worst enemy"

Imagine this, a man born out of a legal wedlock, feels up a woman and she calls him a bastard. Now she is not exactly abusing the person involved but is actually questioning the moral integrity of his mother. Now why do women around the world want to do that.

Strange, hmm...


Anonymous 07 said...

wow saraansh...........
strange topic.......strange in capital letterz -- 'STRANGE'.....
one question.....
in the heading of the entry...u've censored the word.....but everywhere else u have'nt..... even more strange !!!!

10:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


well i can imagine y that friend of yours said something like start with... people have problems living life single and independent...think of married people..i mean they have to live with each other and live each others life.tht probably explains her frustration... wudnt wanna comment on tht...

well empathise can be bastards sometimes...ill tell u y i use it...when i was brought up..i was always told that children are a map of their parents...all values u inculcate are from your parents when i call someone a is a comment outta pity...this guy is so outta charector coz he wasnt given good parenting...well it might not be a true is very insulting...and people get very edgy when their parents are brought into the picture..well....atleast then do they react or look into wt they've done they all are thick skinned...wts wrong in calling them bastards..wt say saraansh


5:22 AM  
Blogger Abishek Goda said...


I think it is time the "english" committee redefined the meanings of certain words.

When a person is angry(or frustrated), I ve read, tends to be reactive and so when he scolds it is very unlikely that he is verifying the accuracy of the word he chooses with respect to the character of the person involved. Especially words like b****rd have managed an impression that they can "insult" the other person.

I wish to say something at this point. There are people who cannot insult even when scolding others. I ve met a couple of people like that. Their worst anger is expressed in calling the other "stupid"/"fool". Of all the words that could be used, these are almost nothing!(if i can say that). So, if a person uses some "wrong" word against another, don't you think its the character of the former thats at stake!?

PS: Sorry about the words in quotes. I don't have better words and I want them to mean slightly different from what they usually do. Correct me if i am wrong.

2:06 AM  
Blogger Kanishkaa said...

I think people just use these words without knowing the actual meaning.It's like, a bad word is a bad word..who cares what the context is.Just say the first bad word that comes to your mind.When people say stuff like SOB etc I seriously don't think they're questioning that person's parentage or anything of the sort.Just remember it's a crazy world out there saaransh...just let them be!

3:09 AM  

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