Friday, June 10, 2005

What the Hindu said...

The Hindu came out with its review of evam Indrajit on friday evening and here are excerpts from their review

`Evam Indrajit' is a projection of the attitudes, fears and frustrations of the educated urban middle class of the 1960s. The sombre existentialism draws attention to the crisis of the individual. It is pessimistic and holds out little hope for those who value ideas, dreams and poetry.

The play asks questions to which there are no answers. Is the individual redundant? Is everyone only a copy of a copy? Should we conform? What is our reality? What is our truth? Badal Sircar puts a playwright in conversation with his audience. Together we look at the uneventful life of Amal, Vimal and Kamal. Indrajit alone puts up a feeble fight before he too conforms.

Presented by Evam, the play went on the boards at Sivagami Pethachi Auditorium. The group freed the script to the extent possible from the trappings of the 1960s by rewriting the lines in a more familiar lingo. That was a nice touch. The production, in Evam style was meticulously executed with an eye for detail and had two brilliant performances from Sunil as the writer and Asim Sharma as Indrajit.

Iswar, Vidyuth and Vivek as Amal, Vimal and Kamal also turned in good performances in spite of the script, which didn't give them much scope to make contact with the audience. The semi circular set, designed by Michael Muthu closed in the acting area.

The issues the play raised were non-issues to some of the youth. They were unhappy that there was no storyline and two hours was too long a time to discuss unfounded frustration.
However everyone agreed (some grudgingly) that Indrajit was once again a well-done play from Evam.

Above all they have helped assess the extent to which Chennai's youth have evolved in three decades. The pressure points have shifted. '

For a full read of the writeup, click here

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Update: I have not been able to find the Indian Express review online and so have not been able to provide that link.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldnt find that article on express too. I think city express doesnt have an online presence. Now with regards to LIFE and CONFUSION my views titled "The Purpose" at


4:12 AM  
Blogger RamantheB said...

Maaru .. looks like an Evam Indrajit obsession .. u still have not answered my previous question.. " What are your responsibilities ??" ..I would like to know what your experiences are .

I think every engineer has an artist inside .. some have discovered it, some are yet to and some dont care( unfortunately).

5:14 PM  
Blogger Saraansh said...

Hey Rama
Yeah I guess there has been an evam Indrajit obsession over the last one month and I am happy to say that it is over atleast for the next one month.

My responsibility for this production was to handle lights.In a production, there are different teams that work-there are the performers or the cast(actors),there is the backstage team(stage manager,costumes),there is the front end team which interacts with the audience and then there is the tech team(sound,lights).I was incharge of lights setup and execution which means I had to get the lights setup according to the design given to me and execute the lights as per my brief.Its been an interesting experience and I must say I have learnt an amazing lot about the nuances of lighting.Can't say I am an expert at it but I am definitely able to appreciate this subtle art form better.

9:30 PM  

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