Friday, February 09, 2007

Saturday mornings...

A cloudy Saturday morning, the sun peeking out from time-to-time, people getting their groceries done, the momentum of walking down a slope towards the jogging trail, the kid brother at a local store holding his older sister from behind egging her to carry him around, the older sister looks up sheepishly at passers-by, the first stretch of the legs as the jog starts, the river water streaming by next to the jogging track, the couple watching their dogs play around in the water, the fact that one can hear the thudding of ones footsteps in the constant beating of the heart, the little kid staring at you as you jog by wondering what's up with him, the ritualistic game of kiddies Saturday cricket and the amazing dive at short cover to dismiss the batsman, the end of the run, the speed with which then blood rushes to the brain as one bends over to relax, the sun, the shade and the slightly disorienting feeling as it feels like the the world is spinning a little faster than it should causing us to lose our balance by just a bit.


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