Tuesday, November 21, 2006

More musings...

Some things that I noticed lately...

1. Its a crazy phenomenon I noticed in Melbourne- on a normal day when you are walking around in the sun, you notice that after a while the sun starts burning you and so you rush for some shade and you notice that as you sit in the shade, the wind makes you really cold so you really do not know where on earth to go...the shade...the sun...hell...heaven...and you are like chuck it...let's just get home.

2. I love taking the metro underground rails and my favorite part of taking this train is just 1.5 minutes before the train pulls in- if you have ever taken one, you would have noticed that just around the time I mention there is this cool breeze that starts blowing. For all those who have a condescending look on your face, I know it is just the train compressing the air as a result of which the temperature reduces and the air gets pushed in but it still makes me smile. No idea why!

3. I come back home and get into the bathroom to freshen up and there I am standing taking a leak when suddenly for some reason a year 9 biology question pops up in my head- how does urinating help the body? and I remember quite distinctly that the teacher gave us about six- seven reasons and yet the only one I remember is that urinating helps to regulate body temperature. So why do I remember only this one and none of the others. Why does my mind want to connect urinating to body temperature? Is it the simple analogy of water putting out fire? Why?


Blogger Arpita said...

U probably rmbr that answer coz u found it very interesting..

4:22 AM  
Blogger Saraansh said...

No idea about that but I remember it nevertheless.

10:52 PM  

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