Saturday, October 21, 2006

Week 2 - Job...job...job...

I have never consciously gone about looking for a job however the last week has been one of continuous applications. In some ways, I guess I just never had to. First job in college almost came on a platter with me being completely unprepared for an interview as I had gone to college that day in my floaters. I stayed with my first job for 2 years and the second job that I got in India also did not require much except for an application on with a call from the consultant, a first round of interview at the company's location and the next two telephonic interview rounds and I had my next job. But I eventually gave that up and here I am in Melbourne looking for my first job ever online, in the newspapers, on posters and anywhere else I can find any.

I start my first casual job here on Monday where I will be selling some stuff to small businesses. Its what we call in India, derogatorily, a salesman's job and what they call euphemistically here, an Independent Contractor. Its a tough job, out in the sun all day, knocking on people's doors and eventually knowing that if I don't sell I do not get paid. Why am I doing this? I don't really know actually. While trying to decide if I wanted to do this, it seemed like I have already changed so much about my life so lets just go ahead and do something I have never done before along with looking for other better permanent positions. So Monday will find me all dressed up nattily with a suit and tie, knocking on people's doors and trying to make sales, sales and more sales.


Blogger RamantheB said...

thats great maaru. it takes a bit of courage to do that.

Good luck.

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Adel said...

"Its what we call in India, derogatorily, a salesman's job and what they call euphemistically here, an Independent Contractor."

Sales is equally one of the most demanding and rewarding jobs that you can find anywhere in the world. Its also a job which lets you meet and deal with different kinds of people and understand the nuances in conducting a business. I've had the opportunity to meet scores of really smart and interesting people while in the field and let me tell you this - it can pay you like no other profession provided you've got a knack for it.

Sadly, for reasons beyond me, I cant figure why selling has to be considered so 'derogatory' in India. Maybe its got to do with IT and related jobs that are available in plenty and the big pay packets that come with it requiring you to sit and code in a comfortable environment the whole day. But once you come out of the 'comfort zone' you will discover an altogether different world which is many times more rewarding - both financially and emotionally.

Good luck!

4:04 AM  
Blogger Saraansh said...

I agree with both of you...Adel that sales can actually be one of the most rewarding positions and the mindsets can be blamed onto the million other things that get stereotyped back home.

Yes I agree it was a tough one but first day at the job and I sold two so I am off :-)

5:05 AM  

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