Monday, October 23, 2006

Stage 1

Falling asleep is easy, however its the middle of the night when he goes from the alpha to the beta stages of sleep, where he wakes up for a bit, that is the most difficult part to deal with. There takes place a churning of such proportions that leaves him gasping on that cold bed of his by the window. Its almost as if his insides have been taken out and there is just this cold wind blowing within which causes an uncontrollable shiver. It takes all his will to stop it and he forces himself to look outside the window and wonder at the city sprawled out in front of him. Yes he did make mistakes and yes he was difficult but yes he did offer the olive branch time-and-again and yet somehow the question that continues to torment him starts its taandav again- will things ever be the same again? He has been reading lately in a novel where the author says that things are never as bad as they seem and yet for some reason based on all the conversations they have had, he has a bad feeling about this one. He has always backed his gut and this time it tells him that there are still some answers missing which brings on the next wave of churning. So he does the only thing possible in these circumstances- he curls himself up trying his hardest to shut those thoughts within him hoping that they would get lost somewhere inside his abyss of a mind. But they just keep coming back again and again and again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time is a big healer and yes things are always better than they seem

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