Monday, March 21, 2005

What happened...?

Me: I am bored of this job ma and I guess I will quit pretty soon.
Ma:If you quit then what will you do?
Me: I don't know!

Immediately mom goes into a state of hypertension and starts a long sermon on knowing one's responsibilities and that with time these "responsibilities" would also increase and how I need to figure out a career for myself and try and stick to it. I listen to this entire lecture with a half-smile on my face which she construes to be a smirk and continues with her lecture thinking that it did not have any effect on me.

At that moment, I ask myself, "What did I want to become when I was 10?". I think hard and I remember that I always wanted to join the Navy as far as I can think. Their sparkling white uniforms, the captain at the stern of the ship looking dreamily at the horizons in front of him, the wake that the ship leaves behind and the mighty ocean -this is what I wanted to be a part of when I was growing up. Then what happened?What went wrong?How many ten year olds want to become an Equity Analyst or a Public relations Officer or a Chartered Accountant.From my last count, that number adds upto zero. What then happens to our dreams as we grow up?

Its as if we condition our dreams, dilute them and mould them with the world around us. Where is the adventure in becoming an investment banker when compared to an astronaut?This is not to cast aspersions on any of the above mentioned professions however, how did someone who wanted to join the Navy end up as a software engineer. This question has troubled me a lot of times and when I look around, I see people happy doing what they are doing and I ask myself, "Is this what they wanted to become when they were 10?". Professions which so appealed to our young 10 year old conscience such as being a doctor, nurse, teacher or police officer have hardly any role in our mind space today.What happened then?All I have is questions with answers so vague and misleading that I am better off without an answer.

What happened to me?What happened to my dream...?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When dreams comes true its a coincidence. When goals comes true, its a commitment.

Its easy to get a child to dream. Ask them what they want for a gift..and they will say..a horse, 2 swimming pools, a helicopter and a kite! Ask an adult and they go.."lets see...i think..i have always wanted....".

Many of the young people who have gone on to achieve what they have always dreamt of, have had great support from parents or teachers. Take some of the biggest sportsmen: Jordan, Woods, Waugh. Massive support and guidance from mum and dad.

When young you are limited by your capacity to plan a life incorporating security, economics and social status. You are influenced by what you see at the station, bus stop, movies, comics etc etc. And those images create a sense of belonging. A fantasy. And you say " i want to be that!"

As a kid right upto now, if there is one thing that i havent stopped is dreaming.

From wanting to be a God to saint to train driver to automobile engineer to soccer player to cartoonist to genetic engineer to running an own company. One must never stop dreaming. You mind can think only that it can achieve.

1.Its important to dream..
2.write it down in a note book....
3.write down steps to achieve it just for the sake of writing it down...doesnt matter if you are going to do or not...
4.and see how long it lingers in your heart
5. Tell people about that goal and see their reactions
6. And then your body will tell you exactly when to start running after it.

I have always told people never to form roots. Roots in one particular thing. Take the risk and do something that you have never done before. Even if you have done something for a long time..even IF YOU WILL LOSE your old dream....dream something new and DO IT ! Bad decisions are better than NO decisions.

As a human, we are endowed with this ability to dream. We should utilize it. Its an utter waste if you dont. One is bound to regret at the death bed.."Only if..."

The best way to enjoy a full life and maybe even feel young is to do whatever you want to do. No matter how absurd it is. You will always have a story to tell, you wont be so bad financially and your folks will still love you.

When you make the impossible possible..its called BREAKTHROUGH. Your perception is exactly equal to your level of awareness.

The reality is that "There is no reality"

Its great to leave this planet knowing that you did..atleast once...what your heart told you to do, treated people with respect and tried out all kinds of food!

WHAT HAPPENED? Ask that after you make it happen..

-Manoj Kumar

5:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I was a kid I wanted to be know what...I still wanna be Batman!!

Hmm let me take Manoj's advice...Follow his PROCESS !!!

1. 'It's important to dream'

Okey Dokey that I have ben doing since 6..that silky smooth chrome and black BATMOBILE...hmmmm...k.done! NEXT..

2. 'Write it down...'

That was'nt so hard....nw then what's next..hmm

3. ' Steps to achieve it'...should'nt be too hard..

Get out of a funeral..fall through a hole..find the BATCAVE...find a bat...get freaked out...keep thinking about the bat...inherit your family's legacy...hmmm one flat and a house....looks like I'll have to compromise on the BATMOBILE all the cool gadgets and Alfred's salary!!! what's next ...let's see..

4.'and see how long it lingers in your heart'

It still lingers....I do miss Alfred though.

5.'Tell people about the goal and s their reactions'.

Ahem.....would not like to note that down..

6.'And then your body will tell you exactly when to start running after it.'

The farthest I have got so far with the money I inherited was a batman costume and a doll..maybe something that i could possibly turn into the BATMOBILE....boy that's gonna need some work!!



8:56 AM  
Blogger Saraansh said...

Nice Mr{+}
Very nice piece there...However who is this Alfred you miss?It seems like you seem to have something going with this Alfred dude.Good for you.

We will talk about what we decided on the weekend.

8:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alfred is the Butler....know you superheroes!!! I'll give you guys a crash course don't worry!


6:09 AM  
Blogger shooshaa said...

of kites, baloons,and dreamz..

want to ask a question- what is a dream?..

by the conventional definition if u sleep lose consciousness, then u enter a make believe world .. a story unfolds.. and then u wake up .. what u saw was a dream? is a dream real... well as they say either it is
a. a manifestation of what u really want in life in actuality
b. if seen in wee hours of morning .. it may come true
c. dream with open eyes!!(thats what ur parents tell u not to do)

but hey .. whats a dream ... whenever one asks that pat comes the answer " i wanna be a...." so are our dreams about careers???
as my friend karuna said sometime back .. "dreams do have to have an unattainability.. a reality which is difficult to achieve"....otherwise whats a dream .. if u wanna be a doctor..or a engineer its a very definite possible reality for a lot of us given an cerain economic status-right???

and then as sanjay leela bhansali said for "khamoshi the musical"-"whats life without an impossible dream?"
(for those who havent seen check out )

ya but its important to have a dream.. of love, of work, of life, of people... life mein fight hona zaroori hai...:)

dreams remind me of ...kite,baloons, things which fly in the sky..which are simple in conception .. difficult to execute , you can hold on to them but they may tear, burst or simly fly away...



9:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


i agree with shoosh on sayin dreams are not just with respect to careers...most of the time for me its a manifestation of the fear inside me or of wt i wud expect from life in actuality....i've probably had the most craziest dreams all my life...and
they never cease to exist.....

Well some people say...i've moved so far away from wt i wanted to b...tht these days ive stopped dreaming...for them its a very immature thing to say...i mean my dream was to go to the moon!!! how stupid is that...My question is far away from your dream are u now when compared to how u were when u had tht dream...y does it have to be a time bound thing...y cant i still say...i WANT to be a navy say..acknowledge your dream at every single stage of your life...acheiving it or not is a whole different point..dont let reality override ur dream


9:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's always something magic,
There's always something new,
And when you really really need it the most,
that's when rock and roll dreams come through,
The beat is yours for ever,
The beat is always true,
And when you really really need it the most,
that's when rock and roll dreams come through,
for you.....

I see Shoosha's point but that was goddamn depressing….To put things back into perspective I guess the question you were initially asking yourself was what you want to be and NOT what you dreamed of being. Now literally they are two different things.

Live for today…take things as they come…just ask yourself the question - Are you happy today, are you doing justice to yourself for what you are doing today, for the people around you? In a way, this whole thing is restating Pavi’s point but I’m bringing more definition to it. Roles and things you want to be are secondary. The world today has enough options spread out for that, and anyway roles will keep changing...Why? cuz you get bored of them after a point. Keep dreaming though….you never know when they will become reality ;-D!!

4:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So this is the Dream Team..I'm in.

My favorite quote is "A man's alter ego is often a favorite mirror image of himself".(Frank W Abagnale).I find this very pertinent in this context.For most of us,our dreams just stay in our imagination.Ironically,the guy behind this quote didn't just live his dreams..he overdid it:-)

dreams are invariably linked to careers,jobs..we have to admit it.As Karuna pointed out,the dream is never easy to always depends on our internal 'craving'to achieve what we set out to do.We often view 'reality' as the major obstacle.Only a select few manage to cross that hurdle.

But..what will life be without dreams..boring to say the least.Plotting an alternative career in your mind for the rest of your life keeps you occupied,no doubt.You create a new person within you,teach him about life,ensure he doesn't make the same mistakes you made,tell him to dream once in a while:-)and try to apply the same philosophies in your own life.
Will that make us better human beings?maybe it will..think abt it-

1:58 AM  
Anonymous Gaurang said...

Had a discussion on this after viewing a documentary on some channel...either CNN or Discovery...cant recollect...
It was a piece on street urchins...some kids said they want to become police, some said army officer, some said a hero!!!
The essence was to serve and be useful to the country, whatever the desire to be...How come kids are more patriotic...Than suddenly life awakens them...and they fall down to earth...the elders remind you hey this jobs dont pay much and its tough to be a hero...a CA/Doctor/Engineer in a MNC is more high paying...and than the kid in you gets stuck in the rat race...they are "heroic" enough to achieve what they set after...after sometime they realise they miss something...What is it?....Its the Kid in them...whispering that this is not what he wanted in the first the achiever starts Dreaming again of new dreams and new horizons....He doesnt understand that dreams is another name of a life well lived....
The Circle never ends....

5:10 AM  
Blogger Saraansh said...

I agree with you on some of those things. I remember telling some people who have been closest to me about wanting to join the navy and I remember them asking me as to why did I want to join the navy when I had a comfortable job.They seemed to imply that only people who can't do anything else, go into the defence and armed forces.

y does it have to be a time bound thing...y cant i still say...i WANT to be a navy say..acknowledge your dream at every single stage of your life...acheiving it or not is a whole different point..dont let reality override ur dream

Pavi it has to be time bound because for me a dream is a tangible entity which I will see fulfilled someday. What is the point in continuing to acknowledge it but doing just that.

I dont know why but when I read your concept of dreams its a very light feeling whereas my dream or its fulfilment makes me feel fuller and more complete.

4:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I disagree, Saraansh. The very concept of a dream is that it's an ideal that we aspire to. It's not time-bound.

Like does saying "I dream of a war-free world" make that any less of a dream. No, it just makes it different.

I think that basically, you used the word "dream" really loosely in this post - you actually meant aspirations/desires/ambitions - and then your readershgip kind of took off on the word itself.

You write really well, by the way.


4:53 AM  
Blogger Saraansh said...

Dear Stranger,
If I had ever dreamt of a war-free world, I know that I would have made an effort towards achieving that dream. I don't know how but I would have done my bit. Whether my bit would have been enough I don't really care. For me my dreams, aspirations and ambitions, all of these have a converging point and trying to distingiush between my dreams,ambitions and aspirations seems like a minor technicality to me.

You write really well, by the way.

-And you are too kind.

5:21 AM  
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