Monday, February 28, 2005

Reading -Day2

Day 2 of the reading of evam Indrajit and as all of us sat around, there were a few more people from the previous day, as Pavi and Karuna(the overall team leads for Barefoot in the Park) had also joined us. The reading started with Bhagyam reassigning different people to read the lines of the different characters. Act two started and with most of the setting the same as the first reading, we all participated in the reading.End of act two and there was a minor pause, where some of the roles were reassigned.With this done, we plunged into act three. At the end of the reading, Bhagyam asked everybody as to what they thought about the two acts which had been read. Some interesting views were thrown up with some people thinking that there was a lot of redundancy in act two and three. The reason for this, some felt was that in act one Indrajit was questioning what he saw around him but it seemed to have been overdone in act two and act three. The question of how to approach people with this play seemed to polarise the team into two where some felt that we should just let people come and watch and decide for themselves whereas there were others who felt that we should let the audience know about the gravity of the play. In the end, we all split with homework from Bhagyam to read the script and suggest what we would like to add or remove...should make for an interesting second reading.


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